Chibi charm


Charmcaser1 (Charmy) is a mod and regular at the SuperGreatFriend and PlayingVideoGames streams. Charmy is often found posting music and chatting about games. She is up quite late for each stream due to time differences.

Not much is know about her appearance but it is rumored that she often wears darker colours, has tiny hands and has a thing for boots, coats and all things blue.


  • Charmy's music tastes are varied, ranging from 80's disco to chiptunes to classical and j-pop. This makes it hard to place her musical tastes.
  • Charmy's name was a type on the Ben 10 character Charmcaster and she was too lazy to change it.
  • She's been at the streams longer than Legofan94 and has been a long time fan of supergreatfriend.
  • She likes the colour blue.
  • Though she often asks the chat to be kind, she can get mad and its like so super scary and stuff that it'll scare anyone.
  • She is still asks weird questions to test the people of the chat such as asking the chat to trying to lick their elbows and if they like pickles