The stram is a dark place, a dangerous place. Only the brave venture there.


An eclectic group of nerds, otakus and weirdoes united by one being, Supergreatfriend.

The Gang: the core of the stream community. More than just mere regulars, they are a close-knit group with more free time than they should. You know who you are.

The Programmers: they're programmers. Not much to say here. The mad scientists responsible for giving ODME a corporeal form and are no fun to talk to.

SuperGirlFriends: SuperGreatFriend has a surprising number of women pining for his attention. Known for their rationality and calm (when compared to the average male viewer), they play a critical role in...well, something...and I don't mean sexual reproduction, though that is true.




To ensure that all conversations remain safe for work, and the chat remains free from HOT RUSSIAN GIRLS , SGF has appointed a number of chatroom moderators.

  • THEVOICEOFDOG: Hasn't been seen since 999 was being streamed. presumed missing in columbia.  THEVOICEOFDOG's LPs can be found in the LP archive. [1]
  • Sunabouza: has also not been seen since 999. North Korea claims to have detained him at Chongjin prison camp.  Mr.Sunabouza's LPs can be found in the LP archive. [2]
  • Zerpcaim: The arch nemesis of Pain, DFA. States that his name is not pronounced "came" but "kaim". Also, if you're having trouble sleeping, look him up on YouTube. [3]
  • Legofan94 : Acts like a spaz about cards because he is 19 years old. Doesn't know what quantum computers are. Reminds the chat to point at the symbolism.
  • Charmcaser1: willing to do anything for Boss. De-Facto Daigon Ranpa historian. Voted Best Moderator 8 streams in a row

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