lmaoo serena was here video game developed by Fayju, an independent game developer from the United Kingdom.

While it was created under the notion of being a free-roam sandbox game, it has gradually become apparent that it is a complex and sophisticated thought experiment orchestrated by The Government.

During gameplay, the player controls the eponymous Amazing Frog? and roams the streets of Swindon, England, otherwise known as Hell, in an attempt to hurl himself as far as possible. As the game progresses, however, the options available to the player become far fewer, and the game reveals itself as a commentary on the fruitlessness of the ownership of an OUYA console. This is further exacerbated by the existential crisis the Amazing Frog? is subject to, knowing he is doomed to an eternity of creating his own fun.

The Amazing Frog? is currently still in development and is regarded as one of the OUYA's most promising and rising titles.